Richly illustrated, this retrospective volume covers the entire career of Magnum photographer Bruno Barbey, from his beginnings with the operatic series The Italians. He went to Biafra at the beginning of ther Secession war with Nigeria, covered the 50th anniversary of the Russian revolution in Moscow as well as Paris’s student demonstrations in May 1968. Later on he made reportages on the Palestinians, Vietnam, China, Poland, India, Gabon, Brazil, Korea… Some of his most important work has been done in Morocco where he spent his childhood and adolescence.  « Throughout his coverage, he remains passionate about history. He photographed anonymous people as well as heads of state, famine and funerals, wars, festivals, pilgrimages and demonstrations, tortures and their victims. His assignments gave him the opportunity to visit many countries at momentous turning points. “There are rendez-vous with history that should not be missed,’ he says today.” 

In French and English.

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