“How do we move within the public space? In what ways do we meet each other? Is the city – in this case Copenhagen – intended for everybody?That was the starting point for these two projects by Tina Enghoff (Dogwalk) and Kent Klich (Out of Sight), part of the urban Get Lost-project, developed and curated by the Danish Architecture Center, out of initiative and idea of Enghoff and Klich. For Dogwalk Tina Enghoff walked, for one year from November 1, 2006 to October 31, 2007, from Copenhagen Central Station to Heaven Express – a shelter for homeless people – and took photos of discarded objects she picked up  on the way.For Out of Sight Kent Klich photographed homeless people when asleep, with their acceptance and co-operation. 

The two books, held together by a belly-band, document their exhibition projects.  Included is also a leporello text-sheet with a poem by Carole Naggar, in French and English.