Illustrated with some of the photographer’s images and other images from his private archive,this is the first biography of George Rodger, one of Magnum cofounders, whose adventures from the Blitz to Africa are the stuff of a novel. During World War II he covered sixty-one countries for Life magazine. Cartier-Bresson wrote about his colleague:” Many of George Rodger’s images contribute to ur collective memory: the London Blitz, Bergen-Belsen, Paris the day after liberation. And George recorded the magnificent Nuba tribe long before Leni Riefenstahl and with infinitely more humanity. George Rodger belongs to the great tradition of explorers and adventurers. His work is a moving testimony through time and space.”

Providing an analysis of Rodger’s singular life and personality, the book also analyzes the complex dynamics of violence, ethics and photography, and places the legacy of George Rodger within a broader socio-historical context.

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