After he witnessed the horror of Bergen-Belsen, where he was the first photographer to enter in April 1945, George Rodger decided he would never again photograph war,  and he started exploring the African continent,which he felt was purer and untouched by Western civilization. From 1945 to 1980, he made fifteen expeditions there, sometimes on assignment from Life, the National Geographic,Ladies Home Journal or Standard Oil, but mostly on self-assigned stories, recording dances, rituals and everyday life.Carole Naggar rediscovered his African archives in his Smarden home and from thousands of images chose 150 out of  the fifty reportages Rodger did on a number of tribes such as the Masai or the Nuba, working with Rolleiflex or 35mm cameras. She wrote stories based on interviews with Rodger and his diaries to accompany the images.

In French.

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