A collaboration with book artist and paper maker Robbin Silverberg, the artist book ,produced in a small number of copies, is a meditation on memory and mortality. Says Silverberg:

“I responded to Carole Naggar’s poem about her mother’s absence & illness by focusing on the haptic experience of reading. The poem is presented first in French, its original language, and then in English. As the stanzas of the poem mourn the loss of her parent, the ink fades. Words are displayed only on these two double-page spreads, which are separated by the central signature, dark papers with jagged holes. The remaining pages dominate the choreography of the read, expressing emptiness and silence through their color, texture, and sound. “ 

 “Ma mère absentée
Derrière des yeux opaques
je fais le deuil
de ce qui ne fut pas”

In French and English