Co-written with Fred Ritchin, the volume is the first bibliography and detailed analysis of 1,000 iconic photobooks published by Magnum Photos photographers from  1938 to the 2000s.The authors’texts are all illustrated with covers and pages from the books. In the first generation of Magnum photographers, Robert Capa inaugurated the genre with his 1938 Death in the Making, published at the end of the Spanish Civil War. The young Werner Bischof followed in 1946 with his portfolio 24 Photos. Chim’s 1949 Children of Europe,  George Rodger’s Village des Noubas and Henri Cartier-Bresson’s The Decisive Moment were published in the early 1950s. Little by little, and especially among the young generation of Magnum photographers, the photobook became a genre where the photographer could experiment with presentations of their work that were different from those in magazines, and many chose the book medium as a means of self-expression going beyond the magazine pages.( English and French editions)

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