An Essay: “The Fascination for the other”

The 225 color and black-and-white photographs reproduced here for the most part avoid anthropological documentation or local specificity; instead, they aim at an emotional comprehension of the cauldron that is ׳many Mexicos… a multitude of coincidental lives.׳ For Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Steichen, André Kertesz, Paul Strand, Laura Gilpin, Swedish child psychologist Kent Klich and 52 other photographers, travel in Mexico was a transformative encounter. The images are spliced with 16 texts, including Andre Breton’s incantatory homage to Diego Rivera, Sergei Eisenstein’s reliving of the ironically life-affirming Day of the Dead festival, and Swiss journalist Gertrude Blom’s report on the rape of Mexico’s tropical jungles,with her photogrpahs and her text “The Jungle is Burning”. 

I wrote the lead essay as well as co-selected and sequenced the photographs in the book.

In Spanish and English. 

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