A 1950 Reportage by David ‘Chim’ Seymour and
Carlo Levi on Illiteracy in Italy.

In 1950, Chim made a reportage in the Mezzogiorno, the south of Italy, about the fight against illiteracy, which affected a large part of the population. The book is based on the discovery by a UNESCO archivist of an album containing Chim’s texts and contact sheet for the reportage. All the contac ts sheets, as well as a choice of photographs from the reportage ,are reproduced in the book.

« His [Chim’s] photographs are not merely anthropological: they have a sense of depth and radiate poetry. They are deeply personal and imbued with empathy and emotion. All in all, Chim created a lyrical portrait of a fragile society on the brink of change. » 

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